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"Knowledge is Power" is a true statement and applies to using Solar Energy and Solar Power just as in other fields. Find out what you can be doing now to get a jump on the benefits of using the sun's energy inside and outside the home: ...and many more solar power benefits!

Man's Search for an Easier Life

Ever since the first man began to cultivate his fields by the sweat of his brow, he has been looking for easier ways to perform that work.
In fact, a major difference between man and other animals is the incredible variety of tools that man uses to make his work easier and his life more comfortable.

Among the tools that man has used from early times are the several different natural forms of energy or power. To cite a few examples:

  • Sun to dry meat, vegetables, and fruit.

  • Wind to power sailing vessels and windmills.

  • Rivers to float rafts and boats.

  • Dams and diverted streams to power water wheels.

Now, however, the harnessing of these natural, renewable forms of energy has become even more important to mankind. Why?

When man came up with the tool of electricity to power lights, machines, and heaters, he searched for cheap forms of power.

At that time, coal and oil, both easily available and plentiful, became the most common source of power to a large part of the population in developed countries.

The point has been reached, though, that those seemingly-endless supplies of energy-producing fuels have become more and more scarce and therefore more and more expensive.

So now we are all extremely interested in alternative, natural, renewable forms of energy - not only because it touches our pocketbooks but also because we realized the damage being done to the earth itself.

Focus on Solar Energy

The intent of this site is to provide useful information about solar energy.

Why have we focused on Solar rather than other Renewable Energy Sources?

Well, we (David and Lin) have a personal stake in this We live in an optimal place for energy derived from the sun- an area of Northern Peru in South America where there are 360 days of sun a year...but no hot water heaters. But not only for that reason.

Solar Energy Pros.com
Solar energy pros David and Lin Schneider
David and Lin Schneider

The idea of being able to harness the awesome power of solar energy has always been a fascinating subject for us and it has become a rich field for investigation and possible applications in our area and at this time.

NOW, we want to share this wealth of information with you, especially information that will be of benefit to you.

Since this information site is geared to helping you out, we would love to know what your needs are!

In the right column, see the "sunflower and sky" box. When you click on that box, you will see links to several areas on our site where you can ask questions, participate in discussions, upload photos of your projects, and just generally become involved in the ongoing process of exploring the exciting realm of Solar Energy.

Take a few moments to check out some of our informative pages below:

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Interesting facts about solar energy - What does solar energy have to do with wind, waves, rain, and water power production? Special! Find out what is behind the big push for home and business access to solar energy now.
Energy Tax Credit
Your Federal Energy Tax Credit - What products and systems are covered by this federal tax credit? You may qualify for substantial tax deductions under the provisions for solar energy initiatives and solar energy intiatives. Find out now!
Solar Energy Tax Credit
Your Solar Energy Tax Credit - Qualify for significant tax savings! Here's what you need to know about the solar energy tax credit. It includes both solar water heating systems and solar panes (Photovoltaic Systems)!
About Us
About Us - David and Lin Schneider, who we are, where we live, why we built this site!
Solar Power For Homes
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Solar Energy Efficiency
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Solar Energy Projects
Find out if one of the available solar energy projects is something you could do yourself! Here is an outline of what is involved in a DIY solar power project so you can see if it's a good fit for you and your pocketbook. DIY solar energy is the way to go!
Alternative Source of Energy
Alternative Source of Energy Sites! Whether it is the wind, the waves, the tides, the sun, or other alternative energy sources, better choices can be made. Take the time to browse these informative sites. Who knows, the ideas presented may direct your thinking in a new direction and point you to where you want to go in terms of an alternative source of energy!
Home Solar Power Systems
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Off Grid Homes
Off grid homes or grid-tied? Which system is best in providing solar energy for homes? Secrets of success building your own! Find out which is the cheapest, most popular, longest-lastng, and why.
Solar Panels For Homes
Here is the what you need to know about solar panels for homes! Difference between home and commercial panels. Factors in choosing panels.
Solar Water Fountains and Solar Bird Bath Fountains
Solar Water Fountains and Solar Bird Bath Fountains: Options, pros and cons, choices, all you need to know!
Solar Energy Articles
These solar energy articles bring you up to date solar news and events that solve problems for your particular solar energy project or application.
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Pictures of Solar Power
Here are great pictures of solar power and solar energy projects, homes, plans, and favorites!
Solar Energy Story
Solar Energy Story is where you can contribute your experience with a solar energy project or just browse what others have contributed!
DIY Solar Power
DIY Solar Power Instruction Manuals and Videos - A DIY solar energy project you will make for less than $200.
Solar Energy Search
About solar energy - We provide useful information for YOU about solar power and energy. Special! Find out what is behind the big push for home and business access to solar energy now.
Solar Driveway Lights
Solar driveway lights! For greater security and enhanced nightime landscaping, you can't beat these solar-powered driveway lighting systems
Solar Powered Patio Lights
Everything You Need To Know About The Benefits of Solar Powered Patio Lights. You are going to save of ton of money on your energy bills by choosing solar powered patio lights over ones that are required to be plugged in.
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Solar Energy Jobs
Solar Energy Jobs - Whether you are new in the job market, are thinking of changing careers, or are unemployed and looking for new opportunities, jobs in solar energy, solar power jobs, and work in other alternative energy fields are definitely worth looking into!
How to Make a Solar Oven
How to Make a Solar Oven or a Solar Cooker - Step by step instructions - they can be built with easy-to-find and cheap or free materials.
Off Grid Solar System
What is an Off Grid Solar System? An off grid solar system, in the electrical power context, is one that is completely independent of the local utility company. Solar power can come in...
Colored Solar Lights
Party This Summer in Style! By far the best colored lights for many occasions are colored solar lights. Among the choices you have are colored solar rope lights and progrramable solar color lights.
RV Solar Battery Charger / RV Solar Charger
RV Solar Battery Charger / RV Solar Charger - What are the benefits of an RV solar battery charger? Discover how you can quit worrying about running out of power for your RV - and at the same time save money with an RV solar charger.
How Is Solar Energy Produced
How is Solar Energy Produced - Discover how solar energy and power are derived from sunlight. What is needed to convert the sun's rays to useable electricity and heating. To know how solar energy is converted into a form of power that can be used, we should first know how this solar energy is produced.
Renewable Solar Energy / Alternative Forms of Energy / Photovoltaic Effect
Renewable Solar Energy - Find out how you can benefit from renewable solar alternative energy, one of the alternative forms of energy most popular today, and how the photovoltaic effect of sunlight on solar panels can actually
Solar Fence Charger - an Electric Fence Charger Makes Solar Powered Electric Fences Possible
Solar Fence Charger - electric fence charger makes solar-powered electric fences possible - and 10 mistakes to avoid in order to get the best out of your solar electric fence and charger system.
Solar Energy Kits / DIY Solar Power / DIY Solar Panels
Solar energy kits, your DIY solar power and DIY solar panels basic setup, can save you a lot of time and especially money. These days, there are a lot more companies manufacturing and selling solar energy kits. Here's why:
Solar Powered Garden Lights | Garden Solar Lights | Solar Lighting for Home Garden
Save money! Using solar powered garden lights for your home garden lighting is one way to start saving right now on your power bills and going green at the same time.
Solar Yard Lights | Solar Powered Yard Lights | LED Yard Lights
Solar Yard Lights - LED yard lights ONLY to save you money? No! The three main benefits to using solar powered yard lights (with LED bulbs) are: 1. No need for electrical wires 2. Safe to use 3. Automatic On and Off
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