Algae as an alternative fuel source?

By chuck

Algae as an alternative fuel source? How we can help the environment! Yes this is one more article about the environment.

With the price of oil skyrocketing and little hope for a positive future, people are searching for refreshing ideas that don't involve damaging the earth as a byproduct. The benefits of alternative, clean energy sources have long been pondered but seldom acted upon and with the national reserve of oil slowely but surely depleting, the time for action is upon us. As our world is slowly dying around us, it's never been more self-evident that change is not only a good idea, but a neccesary one.
The environment is not getting better.

Bio-fuel has always been a promising subject in the topic of alternative energy, and being able to derive oil from a plant matter has taken us great leaps and bounds towards our healthy future. When the release of the corn-based ethanol arrived, people started wondering what else we might be able to convert to fuel, and algae has been a promising subject in the eyes of all. WIth some algae having a conversion rate of up to 70 percent fuel, it speaks for itself.

Algae can be easily grown,very environmentaly safe, easily farmed, and has over 10,000 known species and counting. With corn, you have to devote acres and acres of farmspace, its turnover rate is weak at best, and it can only be grown in sunny areas, leaving places with alot of snow off-limits, and it cuts into our nations food supply.

Now with algae, one can take that
entire field and quadruple their yield because algae can be grown in layers, leaving the option of stacking units of growing plant upon one another and essentially maximizing your available growing space by however tall you can stand it, and with architectural law at its most reliable these days, i'm sure thats pretty high ^^. Because it requires to be grown in a specialy monitered system, it can be grown anywhere as long as the temperature inside the tank doesn't fluxaute from its required conditions. Now granted, algae does require a very specific method of growing, but as with all practices of any sort, it only gets better as it moves forward.If we you do something for your environment now it WILL change things for the future.

The road to alternative energy sources is long and complicated with many twists and dead ends, but the saying "Take the road less traveled" didn't manifest itself from air, it obviously has some foundation behind it. 100 years ago, oil was new and exciting with infinite possibilities and look where its gone since, only up. With the downfall of our very race at hand, and no clear solution as to how to avert this almost inescapable doom, we have no one to blame but ourselves, and no one to look to but each other. In these ignorant days of blind action and translucent reason, I find myself favoring the statement "You break it, you buy it" ^^, and no amount of money can buy the earth back, unfortunatly, the price is not right :P.

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