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Whether it is the wind, the waves, the tides, the sun, or other alternative power sources, one thing is true - sites that help to reduce the alternative power cost through home improvements or alternative power incentives not only save you money but help the environment.


Conservation of existing fossil fuels and their surrounding ecosystems has taken on supreme importance in recent years.

The sites we describe below are sites that are highly concerned about the effects of power usage on the environment around us. And they also contain information that is highly interesting and useful to you, whether in your home or business.

Take the time to browse these informative sites. Who knows, the ideas presented may direct your thinking in a new direction and point you to where you want to go in terms of an using alternate power.


alternative source of energy
Top Alternative Energy Sources 

This site offers comprehensive information on all forms of alternate power, including:
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Water and
  • Geothermal
You can even learn how to run your car on water.

alternative source of energy

Get your solar heating questions answered. If your are considering solar heating or just want to learn more about capturing free solar power for solar hot water and space heating for your home or business, start here.

solar energy and alternative energyAternative Energy Geek

Wondering about other types of energy? Alternative Energy Geek  has the answers to all things alternative energy: solar power, wind energy, geothermal energy, nuclear energy and so much more. Get ready to Geek out!

Other Selected Informative Sites

Commonsense Home Repair - Learn a Common Sense or realistic approach, to making your own home repairs.  Fix the easy things yourself.  Hire a repairman only when you need to.  Save Money!

We focus on repairing items in the home when possible and replacing them when needed. We provide a method for quickly assessing whether or not a repair is practical and what the savings could be. We provide repair steps and pictures to help with the repair. We deal with repairs that are needed when something breaks or quits working.

All About Houseboats - For the Curious, New, Beginner, or Experienced House Boater. Filled with valuable free Tips, Guides, Reviews, Articles, and FAQ's related to House Boats, and Houseboating, including alternative energy usage aboard your home.

Easy Home Improvement Projects - Gives complete easy step-by-step Do-it-Yourself directions plus images to back up the advice.

Save money, time, and increase the value of your home by doing many improvements yourself. This site offers extended subject matter as it pertains to energy-conserving as well as many other residential home improvement and remodeling information.

Although there have been surges in interest in alternative source of energy - fuels and other energy/power usages - due to petroleum shortages and related situations that have increased consumer prices dramatically, now there is a general trend toward the use of alternative sources of energy on a mass scale in all sectors of society.

It used to be that the alternative energy cost of installation was a little too high for many people. However, with demand soaring, tecnology backed by investors is rapidly lowering the cost of alternative energy sources. But with alternative energy incentives by government and other groups and the newer technology being applied, alternative energy costs are dropping.

To find out more about alternatie energy incentives in the solar energy field, click here.

The tragic oil spills that have damaged so much of the natural environment are now drawing more attention than ever to a clean solution to the energy problems we face. Explore and apply all the alternative energy sources that you can and help make life better!

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