Cost Efficiency of a Solar Array

by Sherilyn Thompson
(Sullivan, IN)

Is there an easy way to figure out whether a solar array would be cost effective, or not?

Would it work for any climate, or would it only work in certain climates?

I live in Southern Indiana and I've been looking into solar power for the last year or so, but I'm not sure I really understand how to decide about the cost effectiveness of the proposition.

My neighbor just put in an array this past spring, but I think it cost him over $70,000. It doesn't seem to me that is very cost effective at all. What do you think?

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Oct 05, 2010
Solar array cost efficiency
by: Anonymous

Solar power installations are becoming more efficient and cheaper very rapidly, so prices are falling.

There are several online resources where you can enter your data (location, usage, etc) and see what kind of a system you would need. Read this helpful information.

Two ways I would recommend. The first is start small with a system that will supply part of your needs. This would be tied into your current power supply (grid-tied system). It would provide part of your needs to reduce your conventional power usage. Or it could be used to run just what you need for emergency outages, such as security lights, refrigerator, etc. It is easy to add on if you desire in the future.

The second is becoming very popular but is not available everywhere. That is a leased installation. The company installs the system, it belongs to them, and you lease it. You start saving right away on your energy bills. The company of course is right up to the minute on the most efficient system, since that is to their advantage, and they provide the maintenance.

To find an installer in your area, click on this link: Find Solar Contractors

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