Do you want to switch to homemade solar power? Discover if it is right for you.

There are pros and cons of using the sun to create solar energy. The question is ... are the cons really so bad that a person should not consider sun power as an alternative energy source? If you answered yes to that question, you must enjoy paying your electricity bill. As for me, I don't like spending my money on something I should be able to get for free - and neither should you.

The pros for using solar energy for electricity:

- Use the sun's renewable energy to help our environment.

- Will lower your electricity bill, possibly even eliminating your bill completely.

- Will increase the value of your home.

- Will allow you to have electricity during power disruptions and in locations where electricity is not readily available.

- Homemade solar panels can be fun and educational projects for all ages.

The cons for using solar energy for electricity:

- The area needs lots of sun.

- Are considered to be a costly investment.

- Technology change frequently.

- Are not as effective during bad weather and cloudy days.

Every single one of us should be concerned about our planet's future and do our part to conserve fossil fuels. Every single one of us should have the desire to learn how to become more self-sufficient. Every single one of us should be concerned about
our finances and try to keep our bills to a minimum to improve our financial futures.

How do you get solar energy?

- Professionally installed solar panels

- Solar power kits

- Homemade solar panels

In order to have a professional installation of a home solar panel system, as you know, is a huge hit for most of our wallets. The average blue collar individual, like me, can not afford this kind of an expense in today's economy. It's like a catch 22. The average person has a hard time affording their electric bill and at the same time can't afford to install alternative energy devices to help relieve the cost of their electricity.

Instead of hiring a professional, there are solar power kits available and much more affordable. A solar power kit will come with everything a person needs to get started at setting up a home solar system.

The thing to keep in mind though, is ... prior to hiring a professional solar panel installer or buying a solar power system kit, it is important to learn the details how solar power actually works. The best way to accomplish that is to build a homemade solar power generator, gain the knowledge and begin your road to independence.

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