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Facts About Solar Energy

What are some of outstanding reasons that solar energy is important?

By far one of the most interesting solar energy facts is that the sun's energy (solar energy) is the source of nearly all other forms of renewable energy used today. z-below-first-paragraph

Interesting Facts about Solar Energy and the Wind

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For many centuries man has harnessed wind power, for example in sailing ships and use of windmills.

But wind is actually generated by solar power, or heat from the sun.

When an air mass is heated by solar energy, for example over a hot desert, the air becomes lighter, rising high into earth's atmosphere.

As these huge masses of air rise, cooler, heavier air pours in to replace the rising air, resulting in strong winds, which in turn are harnessed for the resulting energy.

Interesting Facts about Solar Energy and the Water Cycle

The water cycle is a direct result of sun (solar) energy. Here's how:

Solar energy in the form of heat warms ocean water. This water evaporates, forming clouds.

At the same time, the sun's heat is warming the land surfaces more than the sea. Since hot air is lighter than cool air, the hotter land air rises, and the cooler moist air from the sea is drawn in to replace the rising land air.

When the cooler ocean air with its moisture-laden clouds meets a land mass such as mountains, the water condenses as the air rises. Condensed moisture falls in the form of rain or snow, turning into streams and rivers.

The resulting rivers are dammed and used to produce water-run mills, turbines for electricity, etc.

Interesting Facts about Solar Energy and the Food Cycle

Using energy from the sun in combination with water and minerals from the earth, even the lowliest green plant alive is producing starches, including sugar, the basis for all our food. This process has never been reproduced in a laboratory.

All food exists as a result of solar energy.

Therefore, all living things can exist only with solar energy.

It is at work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, non-stop.

The importance of solar energy can be summed up in this way:

*Solar energy source of wind.
*Solar energy source of rain.
*Solar energy source of all food.
*Solar energy necessary for life.

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