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Have your heard the expression, "Don't reinvent the mousetrap?"


Most likely, you have. The principle behind that statement is to learn from what others have learned rather than starting from scratch and having to repeat the mistakes. Experience is not always the best teacher. Learning from others puts you way ahead!

On the other hand, there's the expression, "Pay it forward," which means that sharing what you have learned should be used to help others.

Here is where you can learn and share your information about solar power with others:
  • Questions and Answers - Probably the most important part of the Solar Energy Commnunity topics, this is where you can ask a question about anything to do with solar energy and also answer questions from others.

  • Your Stories - This is where you can share what has happened to you - have you just started a project? Completed one? Did it turn out great or do you have to start over? Share the good, bad, and ugly with others!

  • Your Photos - A picture is worth a thousand words! Brag it up with a photo of your home or business solar energy project!

  • Your Articles - We invite you to contribute an article having to do with using solar energy and power. Include 2 links to the site of your choice.

Information about solar energy projects like this:
Information about solar energy
photo by richardmasoner

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