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What is an Off Grid Solar System?

A off grid solar power system, in the electrical power context, is one that is completely independent of the local utility company. Solar power can come in several different configurations depending on the desired use.

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The two main divisions, you might say, are solar power systems that are tied into the utility company's power to your house.

The second type is "off grid," which means that it is totally separate from the utility company.

Off Grid vs. Grid Tied Solar Systems

Here we will discuss with more detail the differences and which is more suitable for your needs.

The most common type of a solar power system consists of solar panels which capture the sun's energy and convert it to electrical power through PVC (photovoltaic cells). This then is used to power, in many cases, a home.

However, the home can use this power as a supplement to its normal power or utilty company electricity. Then it is called a grid tied solar system.

On the other hand, the off grid solar power system is used where you want to be completely independent of the power company, something that ideally we all would want.

Why Use an Off Grid Solar System?

On off-grid solar power system will use a large array of solar panels to produce enough electricity to suit the needs of the home where it is installed.

Because of supplying all the needs of the home, it is usually going to be quite a bit bigger and more expensive that a grid tied system, which is used mainly for supplementary and emergency power.

So why would you want one?

You are definitely going to be interested in the off grid solar system if you are building in an isolated area where it isn't feasible to connect to a power company.

Or you want to be really progressive and be totally out from under the utility company's thumb.

There are mamy places to get what you need for your off grid solar system.

Do It Yourself?

By installing it yourself, you can have the unique experience of being a "pioneer" in this fascinating field.

On the other hand, there are companies who offer a turnkey installation, thus saving you a lot of time and probably some hair pulling.

The future is bright for off grid solar systems and that is the direction many of us are headed.

Whether we go completely off grid now or slowly become independent from the power companies electrical domination by going grid tied first, we will be in the forefront of the new movement to help the earth's ecological systems and become energy independent.

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