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Here is where to share your pictures of solar power and energy projects, plans, favorite photos, and construction. pictures of solar power 1
With solar energy in the forefront, many people are turning to solar power. pictures of solar power 1
We all love photos, and the photos you upload are really appreciated.

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pictures of solar power 1

Do You Have a Great Solar Energy Photo?

Do you have a great pictures of solar energy use, like home projects, sketches, projections, plans, failures or outright humorous photos?


  • Your home-made panels or water heater

  • You or a friend working on a solar project

  • Sketches of a solar power project you intend to make or have made

  • Installations of solar power houses, solar-powered cars, or solar projects already in place and functioning

  • Funny photos related to solar energy and power

Photos from other Contributors

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Solar water heating and roof windows, North Acton 
This house in Cloister Road has recently had solar water heating installed. On the roof there are windows above, and water heating panels below. …

Solar power, Thames path 
Solar and wind powered lights on the Thames Path just behind the Greenwich Yacht Club. --------------- Solar power is often coupled with harnessed …

Solar Power Not rated yet
This bank of solar panels supplies energy for the island's human residents, and shelter for some of the avian residents. ----------------- Anne's …

Solar panels on a Central Avenue house, Pantside Not rated yet
Many solar panels occupy the roof area of this house at the southern end of Central Avenue. ----------------- This is an example of the growing popularity …

Solar power traffic counter Not rated yet
Small solar panel powering a traffic counter (no 902), beside the Belfast – Bangor road, at Ballygilbert

Cardboard and Tinfoil Solar Cooker Not rated yet
Building a solar cooker (concentrator) to heat a bucket of water.

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