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Enjoy the benefits of solar-powered portable battery chargers and at the same time save money!
  • What are the benefits and options when shopping for a solar charger in a small size?

  • Find out why these small, energy-efficient solar chargers are becoming so popular
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Why are Portable Solar Battery Chargers so Popular?

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If you're a person that travels around often, whether it's for business or pleasure, then you're going to love the fact that ... won't have to worry about the hassles of having dead batteries for your portable devices ever again.

Not only that, but note the following reasons for the popularity of portable solar chargers:

  • The advancements made in the field of solar technology have produced solar-powered portable chargers for the mass public.
Portable Solar Charger
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Fanny Pack Charger
Portable Solar Powered Chargers
  • The number of people that possess various portable electronic devices and gadgets has grown exponentially over the last decade or so.
  • All these people with all these new gadgets needed to stop and recharge at some point in time - until now - when it can be done regularly and automatically with a portable solar charger..
  • The introduction of cheap portable battery chargers powered by the sun has changed all this, so now only the people themselves need to stop and recharge.

How Do Portable Solar Chargers Work?

Portable or lightweight solar chargers use much the same rules as the regular solar panels, but they are also very:
  • small,
  • lightweight, and
  • easily transported without any effort.
A portable battery charger that absorbs solar energy and produces efficient solar power will, of course, produce eletricity on a small scale.

However, their size limits them to providing electrical energy to your small devices, and, I might say, "toys."

However, the current that is produced is enough to keep these small devices fully charged without the fear of overcharging them.

The only thing that you have to do is to find a good position for the charger to be in the sunlight.

A Variety of Styles and Uses

Portable Solar Charger
The manufacturers of these lightweight solar chargers have designed them in a variety of shapes and styles.

The most commonly used design in a small solar charger is made with three rectangular mini solar panels connected to each other about 3 inches long.

In order to expose the panels, you spread them out, similar to a fan, to expose each panel to the sun's rays for energy generation.

Another popular design is the one that looks like a girl's compact makeup mirror. You can just imagine how conveniently light these portable solar power chargers must feel.

Portable Solar Charger - Environmentally Friendly

The main benefit of these small devices is that that don't destroy the environment by being on the grid, they use completely natural energy.

There is always going to be advanced new breakthroughs in the area of renewable energy technologies.

Lucky for us, that we have the technology to enable us to use of favorite toys for hours on end and make dead batteries a thing of the past. 


Today, these portable solar chargers are readily available to the consumer. They vary in shape, size, and cost and so make sure you pick the one that is perfect for your needs.

Oh, and as a reminder, make sure you charge your devices before it gets too dark!

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