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Portable Solar Power System

What is a portable solar power system?

Why should someone purchase a device run by sunlight and how can such a piece of equipment be useful in household? How much does a portable energy generator cost and which are its most common applications?

I'm sure you've heard that solar energy is gaining in popularity pretty quickly and I suppose you're common with the grants offered by different governments for people interested in investing in this technology field.

So let's take each of the above questions and answer them, in order to get more familiar with this renewable and free energy source!

What are portable solar powered devices and how do they work?

A portable solar power system is a device that uses photovoltaic cells in order to capture sun rays. Once absorbed, sunlight is turned into electricity thanks to the particular properties of these solar cells and also thanks to a built-in power inverter or converter.

An additional tool required for proper functioning of these equipments is the battery which stores the produces energy and delivers it when the system is used to power different devices.

Also, a controller is needed in order to prevent battery's overcharging and discharging.

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The photovoltaic cells are actually small silicone conductors that are activated by solar rays, generating a continuous electronic movement inside their structures - this is how electrical current forms. From these solar cells that are usually interconnected in order to form solar panels or arrays, the electricity is transported to the battery and from there, to the output tools.

Most of the times, a portable solar power system uses a 12V battery with DC output, but unfortunately household equipments, electronic gadgets, car batteries and many other devices run on AC power, so the converter is essential for turning solar energy into a more usable form.

Why should you purchase a portable solar power system?

Now, I assume most of the solar panels you saw were very large and suitable as roofing materials or for backyard use. But not all of these equipments are that large - portable solar systems come in different models, shapes and sizes, although their functioning principle and purpose remains the same.

A portable solar power system is smaller than regular panels and usually looks like a box with photovoltaic walls. This smart device is able to generate electricity whenever and wherever you need it! It's perfect for camping, for powering your laptop or cell phone while you're away, for inflating the car's tires or boosting dead vehicles batteries in roadside emergencies and so on.

Portable energy generators aren't very lightweight but they're surely easy to transport than other portable batteries. Also, they require no expensive fuels, as they run on solar rays and these are totally free and renewable!

So why should one buy such a device? Well besides the already mentioned applications, solar powered systems are very useful during power failures!

Just make sure they're totally charged and then plug your household equipments in - they can power any regular electrical device and some of them come with USB outlets as well, making it easier to charge your laptop, cell phone, iPhone, radio or video camera.

You'll never run out of energy if you have your own portable solar power system! Even when no sunlight is available (nighttime, rainy or snowy days), these devices are able to provide power due to their batteries, which store the excess energy produced during charging. So you can be sure you'll still be able to power your working equipments or swimming pool decorative lights even during nighttime!

How much does a portable solar power system cost and where can you get one from?

When it comes to prices, it's really hard to establish a standard system for solar powered systems, as it really depends on the size, the accessories and extra features of the portable equipment.

You can buy portable power systems for cell phones for $5, and energy generators for cars or household devices for $200 or more.

Amazon.com offers a wide range of portable solar power equipments, so you could give yourself some time to browse through the offers available online in order to decide what type of energy generator you really need and how much are you willing to spend for the device.

Here are two portable solar powered energy generators that might fit your budget and taste

Portable Solar Power Generator Basic Kit "101"
Portable Solar Power System

This durable portable solar power system is able to power various devices, from lamps and fans to laptops or car battery chargers.

It has 12V DC - 115V AC outlets, a 200W/400W inverter, over/under voltage and thermal protection and low voltage alarm. It also allows the user to plug in any device that runs with a regular car cigarette lighter outlet.

The product ships with one 5W 12V multi crystalline silicon solar panel and has easy to read LEDs that indicate the battery condition and charging state. Designed for both inside and outside use, this system is scalable, lightweight and well made and includes a 1 year limited warranty.

Expeditionary Portable Power Kit "201"
Portable Solar Power System

This modern concept has foldable 12V solar panels designed for durability, fast recharge and UV/weather resistance. It can be used in different environments and includes a battery with a 3 hour average duration in places where no sunlight is available.

The AC/DC power generator is insulated, shock resistant and very reliable. This portable solar power system can run smaller or larger electronic devices and it's made of ultra high impact structural copolymer that makes the equipment very strong. The package also includes an unbreakable, watertight, dustproof case.

A portable solar power system requires little maintenance; for properly charging it, you need to place it in sunlight and leave it there the entire day. From time to time, check the battery and make sure the photovoltaic cells are clean.

By purchasing a sunlight powered devices you'll need no more wires and electric cables and you'll no longer depend exclusively on the national grid!

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