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Find out how you can benefit from renewable alternative energy, one of the alternative forms of energy most popular today, and how the photovoltaic effect of sunlight on solar panels can actually "earn" you money.


Alternative Forms of Energy - the Sun

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The amazing sun provides a source of renewable energy that is enormous.

For example, energy from the sun is:
  • So powerful that the energy it provides in one day is enough to provide the energy needs of our current population for the next twenty-seven years

  • A natural source of light and heat

  • Has been providing the earth renewable energy for over four billion years now.  
Unknown to many, the energy that the sun provides over a three day period is equivalent to the energy found in all fossil fuel sources.

Converting the Sun's Energy - Photovoltaic Cells

Renewable solar energy can now be harnessed and used to power homes through the use of photovoltaic (PV) cells.

This photovoltaic effect and resultant solar energy conversion is the most practical and affordable choice among the alternative forms of energy use in homes at this time.

Advantages of Solar PV Cell Alternative Energy

This form of solar energy system has an advantage over other sources such as wind hydropower and wind turbine.

Photovoltaic Effect = Rural Power
Renewable Energy Source / Photovoltaic Effect
by Spanginator (Christine)
Here are a couple of reasons why:
  • The function of photovoltaic effects and PV cells requires minimal maintenance and does not create a lot of noise.

  • A solar energy system based on photovoltaic cells has a lifespan of about 20-30 years and does not require any major installation to be functional. 

What is Involved 

Most homes have enough roof area that can accomodate a solar panel which can convert enough solar energy to power common home appliances. 

Using a grid tie inverter, the solar electricity generated can also be channeled back to the local power company's grid, which can mean substantial credits to the homeowner.

A Clean Energy Source - Alternative Forms of Energy

Renewable solar energy is considered a clean energy source because it requires minimal maintenance and supervision and does not contribute any pollutant or harmful emissions to the environment. 

The Future

Energy from the sun is now considered the most promising form of renewable energy that can reach even the remotest areas where supply of electricity through traditional energy grids is not possible. 

In Developing Countries

A remote village can easily produce its own alternative energy supply by using solar powered generators that are customized according to the needs of the community. 

Alternative Forms of Energy
Solar Car Battery Charger
In Rural India by
Nadya Peek
The advantages for remote locations:
  • There is no need to overbuild infrastructures (many miles of power poles and power lines, for example), as is often the case with other energy systems such as those powered by fossil fuels, coal or nuclear energy. 

  • Most remote villages do not  have access to electricity and have limited funds to even afford expensive power grids.

  • Governments in these areas find renewable solar energy as the best option for meeting the needs of thousands of people in these villages. 

  • Using the sun's energy and the photovoltaic effect, solar energy is a more workable option than heavy investment involved in installing expensive power lines in these rural communities.

Other Positive Factors Among the Alternative Energy Sources

This alternative form of energy is not limited to isolated or remoted communities, of course.

Renewable solar energy systems can also be installed easily in largely populated areas which are linked to local energy power grids.

In many developing countries, the most practical power source would be renewable solar energy using photovoltaic cells. 

And you can Do-It-Yourself!

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