Shooting for the Sky...or is the Moon the Limit? Solar Energy Future Higher

From the plains of Canada, new solar farms instead of new wheat fields. From Japan, an ambitious project to circle the moon with solar panels and microwave the energy to earth. From Idaho, restart of a large firm gearing up for solar energy products.

What does this mean for us and our home energy needs?

According Solar-Energy-Pros, a company dedicated to information solar power and the home, it could mean better times are on the way in the energy field.

"As seen by the big guys, the profits in solar energy and power are worth jumping in on now. That means more technology dedicated to beating the competition, lower prices for us, and better equipment," states CEO David Schneider.

"The mental image of a solar home used to bring to mind an hermit-type cabin isolated from the rest of the world. Well, that picture (although there's nothing wrong with it!) is now changing."

In many places in the world, solar energy is being used in cities or uburbs for heating water as well as for electrical needs.

Now, the mental image can bring to mind subdivisions, each home with it solar array. Not only is home solar energy popular only for certain specialized purposes, such as heating the swimming pool, but is also being used extensively to add to or replace traditional
electrical sources.

As energy prices increase dramatically and awareness of the limited amount of fossil fuel increases, many people have turned to solar energy for home to meet all or part of their heating and electrical needs.

Solar houses In fact, in many areas it is not only possible to hook your home solar energy production of electricity into local energy company's grid, you can actually sell your unused solar power back to the company.

Solar energy for the home is an excellent way to start on the road to energy freedom and conservation. Not only that, but solar energy technology is now readily available and can be easily used in most homes.

It is an exciting time not only for those investing in solar companies but also for the rest of the world, as higher prices for diminishing traditional fuel supplies skyrocket.

Shoot for the sky? Or is the moon the limit?

For more information on solar power, go to, a site specializing in solar energy information for the individual.

The author, David Schneider, lives with his wife Lin on the sun-drenched coast of Northern Peru, South America. With plenty of solar energy to be had, their interests and avocation has turned toward practical use of solar power. Their new website,, is dedicated to helping you get the most out of Going Solar.

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