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Why on earth a Solar 12V Battery Charger, you must be wondering!

Solar battery chargers are great way to keep your electronic devices charged, whether we talk about household equipments, car batteries or electronic gadgets and accessories.

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Besides converting sunlight into electrical power due to their solar cells, a solar powered battery charger is also able to store energy in its internal batteries and use it when no sunlight is available.

So let's see what can you use a solar charger for, what should you do to maintain it properly and how to use the battery in order to get the most of it!

Where can a solar 12V battery charger be used?

The solar battery charger can become the greatest ally of any driver.

These tools are especially created for charging any car battery, so you won't need battery cables anymore. Solar chargers enable you to extend the life of your 12V power system, whether we talk about cars, trucks, boats or motorcycles.

Unlike regular chargers, solar ones are way easier to maintain and also easier to transport. Most of these solar charging cells can be folded and packed away easily and they surely fit in absolutely any car. This means you can power your laptop or radio while camping, without having to worry that your car battery is going to die.

Another great advantage of these chargers is that, in case the truck requires more power for supplying the cabin with electricity for example, an additional solar 12V battery charger can be used. The charging system can be set up for 24V or 48V, thus it can provide enough electricity for the cabin.

As already mentioned, solar battery chargers can also be used for powering additional equipments found on boats.

For example, communication devices, fish finders or sonar screens. By using solar power, you can keep your boat's battery completely charged whenever you need to sailing or fishing.

Also, monitoring equipments, such as those found in environmental and weather stations can be powered by solar chargers.

Outdoor and public lighting is another area in which these types of battery chargers find their application. Solar panels can be used to power lights on pathways and illuminating signs during day time, while the batteries inside the chargers will supply the power needed during nigh time.

But the great news is that you can use your solar 12V battery charger for household equipments as well. Whether you want to power your TV, a fridge or a radio, your laptop or a smaller device, such as an iPod for example, a solar battery charger can be the best alternative.

By using these tools, you will no longer have to worry about your electricity bills, as the chargers use solar energy, which is absolutely free.

Tips for buying 12V battery chargers

Not all battery chargers are built same, thus you must be informed about the pitfalls associated with buying a battery charger. Let me share with you some quick tips to help you get the best charger out there in the market for you.

  • First of all, you should do some research or simply ask the seller about the efficiency of the device you want to purchase. In case of a solar 12V battery charger, this refers to how much sunlight is the tool able to capture and store, and what percent of the encompassed solar energy is turned into electrical one.

  • The charger's quality and durability is another important aspect, so before buying the solar charger, give you some time to read available online reviews. Buyers usually point out the pluses and the minuses when it comes to quality and reliability, so this step can be really helpful. Don't forget to ask about the offered warranty!

  • A third aspect you should be concerned about is the control and the protection circuit. Considering the fact that you'll be using the solar 12V battery charger to charge your car's battery or power various electronic tools, the charger needs to be really safe. So don't forget to ask or check if the device has some built-in controllers to avoid overcharging.

  • You surely don't want to spend too much on a solar battery, but you should really consider the fact that this charger will save you lots of money in time. So before saying the price is too high, try to consider this advantage and don't choose the cheapest solar charger only to save some coins at the moment. Higher quality usually means higher prices, so perhaps you should opt for a serious and popular brand!

How to use and store the solar 12V battery charger

Irrespective of the quality of battery charger you buy, if you do not use it the way it is intended to then you will significantly reduce its shelf life.

  • If you're using the solar charger for recharging your car's battery, you simply need to place it on the dashboard of the automobile and plug it into the cigarette lighter. The device will start generating power for your car, and when the job is finished, the little LED light present on the battery charger will indicate you that the car battery is completely filled.

  • Solar battery chargers store solar energy when exposed to daylight. The captured solar rays are converted into low voltage DC electricity, providing power that can be used for any electronic device. So if you're thinking to use your solar 12V battery charger inside your house for powering various devices, you can do it! However, being given that solar batteries have a limited output under low sunlight, using the tool only inside your house can shorten the charger's life. To overcome this problem you can simply add a solar controller, which will protect the battery charger from under or over charge.

  • When charging the battery from the Sun, do not cover any part of the solar panel and try to change the position of the device from time to time, just to make sure each cell gets enough sunlight. For optimum performance, place your solar 12V battery charger so that it faces directly toward the sun.

  • Being very durable and UV resistant, they can handle warm environments so you don't have to worry too much about storing them properly. However, the cells should be kept clean each time, not only when they're exposed to sunlight for charging but also when you're using them.

  • A solar 12V battery charger can store energy whether it's cold or warm outside, as they're usually built to work within the range of -30° - 194°F. Also, for proper results, try to charge your solar battery tool at noon, when the Sun is at the highest point in the sky.

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