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Save! When buying solar battery chargers, solar rechargeable batteries, or AA solar battery charger, you will have some questions and want to consider some details in order to make a good choice.

What is a aa Solar Battery Charger?

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  • Solar AA battery chargers are solar kits used for recharging regular or "solar" rechargeable batteries.
  • These solar chargers differ in several important ways from your standard AA battery chargers.
  • The solar kit uses energy from the sun, transforms the solar energy into electrical energy and then stores that energy in rechargeable AA batteries.

These aa solar battery chargers are very useful during camping or vacations where you may run out of AA batteries to power your electronic devices.

With a solar AA battery charger, you can recharge your AA batteries without the need of plugging into an electrical outlet.

AA Solar Battery Charger - Voltage and Battery Type

Voltage of the "Solar" Rechargeable Batteries

Check the voltage of the rechargeable AA battery you are using.

The voltage of the battery that you are charging has a definite relation to the power of the solar charger you should use.

AA rechargeable battery voltages:

  • Lithium-ion batteries are 3.6 volts

  • Nickel metal hydrides are 3.6 volts

  • Nickel-cadmium AAs are 1.2 volts

A solar AA battery charger has a low voltage output and is insurance against overcharging your AA battery.

These AA solar battery chargers are very affordable aside from the usual higher initial cost of the rechargeable AA batteries themselves.

However, if you haven't used rechargeble AA batteries before, it will be good news to you that you can recharge them MANY times over and will save quite a bit of money over buying standard AA batteries.

What are the Advantages of Using The Solar AA Battery Charger?

  1. Savings - Using these chargers helps you save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

  2. Battery Life - The low or trickle type charge, only giving the battery a fair charge dose of what they can accept every second, makes your battery life to last longer compare to when you are using faster chargers.

  3. Convenience - These chargers are convenient to carry owing to their small size and weight.
    - They need very little space and are extremely light weight.
    - If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then an AA solar battery charger is just the thing for you.
Isn't it about time you bought a Solar AA Charger?

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