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By: Sade Vandon

If you have ever previously noticed an area of land with a handful of great big magnifying mirrors directed towards the sun you have been seeing a solar powered concentrator system.

These kinds of arrays operate to aim the sun's rays to one spot and utilize it to heat liquid that passes along the pipes they are aimed at.

This kind of equipment will be able to
  • heat oil (or sometimes salt water) that is moving through pipes which can then be

  • employed to raise the temperature of water and

  • produce steam which is used to.

  • power and electricity generator

Why is oil used as the liquid?
  • It can naturally keep the heat exceptionally well.

  • The heat is passed through a heat transfer system to water.

  • Then the steam generated can be used to rotate a generator for making electricity.

Solar Concentrator Systems

Solar  Concentratorsolar concentrator
These categories of systems operate so incredibly well simply because the mirrors are designed to accumulate the sun's energy and focus that power on to exact spots labeled as receivers. The receiver soaks up heat and transfers it into a liquid similar to oil that helps to drive the power generator.

The pressure manufactured by raising the temperature of the liquid can also be used to directly provide propulsion to an engine. The action of heating can cause the fluid to swell up against the pistons of the motor and that results in mechanical energy. This type of power may be used to work such things as generators directly which will yield electric power.

  • These kinds of devices may also utilize salt water instead of oil specifically when there can be expected gaps from the instance of being heated and the instance the heat is going to be released.

  • One of the many significant qualities of salt water is its effectiveness to sustain temperature.

  • As soon as the salt water heats up it can easily deliver electrical energy through a steam power generator and the salt can carry the temperature for several days before it will have to be turned into electricity.
For the reason that these systems employ quite a few mirrors they are normally used in industrial solar power where large areas of terrain might be dedicated to an array of reflectors.

There can be a sufficient quantity of electric power within these networks to supply power for a few days or higher.

Because these types of systems are so sizeable they're able to allow the heat energy stored to be transmitted days later.

Understanding Solar Concentrators

Solar  Concentratorsolar concentrator
By way of some of these developments and other solar technology initiatives we are able to start to grasp how solar technology functions and can be used.

As we take a look at how much electrical power is saved utilizing these mirrors we can also grasp how much energy is wasted day after day as we neglect to totally use it suitably.

Making use of concentrating solar powered energy networks are favorable to the businesses and organizations which exploit them and valuable to everyone by conserving various other sources of power.

Industrial solar energy can attract and capture a lot of thermal energy from the sun's heat in the daytime, by making use of specifically manufactured mirrors which will focus that sun energy.

Private Use of a Solar Concentrator

Within our personal lives the application of solar powered energy continues to be a pricey plan to implement.

The installing costs continue being quite high and despite the fact they tend to be offset over the functional life of the device if you do not have the resources to install it then it does not in fact mean anything.

In recent times a lot more people have been getting attracted to do it yourself home solar panel technology systems.

The technologies of exactly what it requires to construct and install these kind of platforms is a whole lot more openly available and if truth be told, constructing and putting in your own personal solar energy system is not really that tough if you have got the appropriate advice.

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