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Solar curtains are more than simple window shades destined to keep sun rays away from your room during hot summer days, and they're more than just solar panels created to heat up your house during cold winter days.

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These solar powered curtains are the ultimate gadget when it comes to home decorations and alternative electricity sources!

There are two types of solar energy curtains, each of them created to fulfill specific requirements. They are

  • Reflective material curtains

  • Plastic Films encased in glass

Reflective Material Solar Curtains

First type refers to solar curtains made of reflective materials, whose role is to keep sunlight from entering the room.

These curtains are actually pretty simple and although they have no special powers, they can surely help you save some money during summer, as you will no longer need to use your air conditioning device.

Pretty similar to solar window shades, these curtains cover the windows, maintaining a proper indoor temperature.

So what makes them different from regular window shades, you may ask?

Well the answer is the material they're made of! The shiny texture of this material reflects the sun rays, so you should have less heat in your home once you start using them. And less heat, as you can assume, means lower electricity costs, because you won't have to run the air conditioner so often.

Sounds pretty well until now, but the truth is these solar curtains have two less or more important disadvantages

  • First of all, they aren't very appealing. The fact that they are made of a shiny, reflective material they can make your window look like it was covered in tin foil.

  • They do nothing else but keeping heat away. So assuming that during wintertime you don't want to waste heat and pay more for your electricity bills, you should reverse the solar curtains so that all the heat inside the room reflects back and doesn't escape the room. So this means you should fix them only temporary on your window, as you surely don't want to damage the curtains while turning them around.

On the other hand, being less complex than some other solar powered curtains, these have the major advantage of a lower price. No matter how complicated their design is and how large they are - these curtains won't cost you more than $10-15, whether you take them from online or offline stores.

Also, there aren't many buyers who provide a negative feedback for this type of solar curtains, probably because they are so simple and so affordable.

So if you don't like how they look but you do appreciate their functionality, simply place the curtains between your regular solar window shades and your window! They'll help you keep your air conditioning costs down during summer anyway!

Plastic Films Encased in Glass Curtains

The second type of solar curtains is more complex and unfortunately more expensive. They can be used indoor as well as outdoor, so it's obviously that they require more maintenance and involve higher installation costs.

So why should one buy this kind of curtains?

First of all, they're great electricity savers and producers! This kind of curtains prevent heat loss during wintertime, they keep the room cool during hot days and they also produce electricity that you can use in other purposes!

The tools are made of plastic solar films encased in glass, and they can provide up to 16,000 watt-hours of power. Although it's not that much, this is almost half of what a small to average home uses a day and it's still electrical power for which you don't have to pay extra cash!

But the producers of these solar curtains warn the buyers that they are still going to need another source of electricity in the room where they mount the solar powered curtains.

These come in very small packages and can be woven into textiles like curtains and roofing materials. So once you decide to purchase this type of curtains, you no longer need regular ones. These solar items are more appealing than the ones described before.

These solar curtains can be used indoor and outdoor at the same time. It means they can be mounted on the roof or on the walls of your house, covering them entirely. The photovoltaic cells inside the curtains are able to harvest solar energy during direct exposure to daylight and to convert it into electric current. This energy can be used later as it is stored inside the batteries enclosed in the curtain.

These complex solar powered curtains seem too good to be true, don't they?

Well the bad news is that they aren't yet produced for large consume. Although their producers announced these curtains are going to be available for everyone soon, we can surely assume these devices won't be very cheap.

So at this moment you can only purchase some basic solar reflective curtains in order to protect your house from exaggerated heat and to prevent heat loss during cold days.

What should you know before purchasing solar curtains?

Besides the already mentioned advantages, both these types of curtains offer you a great privacy when used indoor. They allow you to see everything that's outside but it's hard for anyone who's outside to see in. And this is possible thanks to the tough polyethylene material that the solar item is made of.

Also, these curtains are doing a huge favor to your furnishings and carpets, protecting them from sun fade during hot summer days.

Solar curtains come in different sizes and they're really simple to hang. Most of them are suitable for regular curtain rods, so you don't have to worry you'll need additional devices mounted on your walls or above your windows.

If you're interested in purchasing curtains, you can browse through online stores and find the model that suits your home the best. The ones on Amazon.com have pretty good reviews so if you want to be sure you're buying a quality item, then you may buy yours from there.

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