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Whether you are new in the job market, are thinking of changing careers, or are unemployed and looking for new opportunities, jobs in solar energy, solar power jobs, and work in other alternative energy fields are definitely worth looking into.

But which solar energy jobs are right for you?

What kind of training or education do you need?

Whether you are looking for entry level solar jobs or advanced technical applied solar power jobs, you are going to be looking at three important considerations:

Available Solar Energy Jobs and Work in Related Fields

Solar JobsSolar Energy Jobs, Solar Jobs, Solar Power Jobs
Solar Home Panel Installation
The best source of available solar energy and related jobs as well as what training is needed is GreenJobs, online since 1996.

Hundreds of leading green employers (solar energy, other renewable energy, green building, green mutual funds, the organic industry, NGOs and government agencies) post jobs with with this company.

Here are their current listings:

Be sure to click on the link "See more green Jobs" at the bottom of the above list to search for more jobs in your specific area and level of training. But where can you get the needed training?

Training and Education for Solar Energy Jobs

Distance Education Online courses for training for jobs in solar energy are a good source to look at first.

Search the internet for online courses solar energy or free online training solar energy or training solar power jobs

 Check the credentials offered at the institution before going into the site in more depth. A good example is:

Allied School's online training. In their solar and green job training program's description of opportunities, Allied Schools states:

Solar JobsSolar Energy Jobs, Solar Jobs, Solar Power Jobs
Solar Power Jobs
"... in today's emerging green technologies prepares you to realize new and exciting career opportunities.

"Learn about solar energy and green building – online solar business training, photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic systems installation, and green building practices courses will prepare you to start an environmentally-friendly career."

Check out their credentials. You will want to see similar accreditation on other sites offering onlne training in solar jobs.

State Community Colleges and Universities

To find a college near you that offers courses in solar energy, solar power jobs, or other green energy fields, search the internet for:

Solar Job Technology
solar energy jobs, solar jobs, solar power jobs
Solar Energy Classes
community college solar energy followed by your state or country
state college solar energy followed by your state or country

If you can find one near you, this would be the best way to go, as these courses are normally up-to-date, excellent, and usually free or inexpensive.

Locations of Solar Energy Jobs and Solar Power Jobs

Jobs in the solar energy field can be found in nearly every country of the world and the solar job field is growing by leaps and bounds.

From Hawaii to Florida, from China to Australia, this is one of the fastest growing areas with need for trained personnel from installation to office and accounting jobs.

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