Solar Energy Pros News Report

by Solar Energy Pros' David C. Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru, SA)

New hardware converts solar energy

directly to hydrogen
Ars Technica
The authors demonstrate a device that is capable of taking solar energy and using it directly to split water, releasing oxygen and hydrogen. ...

Solar Power
National Geographic has an article on the use of solar power in Haiti since the January, 2010 earthquake. Since solar does not depend upon a power grid it supplies some of the only available public night lighting in a country where ...

Obama OKs tax credits for ethanol, solar
, home energy upgrades

USA Today
President Obama signed into law Friday a massive tax-cut deal that includes an extension of tax credits for US-made ethanol wind and solar power as well as ...

Joint venture lights up local renewable energy

Prescott Daily Courier
"This is solar energy where all of our customers get to participate." The way it works, according to Albert, is developers like SunEdison look for favorable ...

Solar reports say
industry is booming, with falling prices and heavy Chinese ...

Los Angeles Times
The Solar Energy Industries Assn., a major trade group, said that commercial solar customers in the US installed 103 megawatts in the third...

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