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New Fullerene-Based Transparent Honeycomb Polymers Could Act As Power ...

The Green Optimistic - By Ovidiu Sandru in Solar Power on November 5, 2010 Nowadays, many researchers seek to find methods of making transparent solar cells that can act both as ...

Transparent conductive material paves way
for power-generating windows
- Oneindia
"Combining these traits and achieving large-scale patterning could enable a wide range of practical applications, such as energy-generating solar windows, ...

Solar Energy After the
2010 Election
- ecopolitology - While there is broad support for solar energy -- over 90% of Americans think the country should use more and 94% of Democrats, 89% of Republicans, ...

Energy Use Down But Wind, Solar
Production Up
- Domestic Fuel
... analyst at LLNL] said the study also showed a substantial increase in alternative sources of energy, including gains in solar, hydro and wind power. ...

Wind power blows
military in different directions
We call it the Reusing Existing Natural Wind and Solar system, or RENEWS." RENEWS would combine wind generation and solar power to collect and store energy ...

Now, solar-power 'Seaswarm' robots to clean up Gulf oil spill in 30 days
Economic Times - WASHINGTON: Scientists may bring in a swarm of solar-powered robots to clean up the Gulf oil spill in a record time of 30 days. The robots, named 'Seaswarm' ...

Hygroelectricity: Possible New Energy Source - The Epoch Times
“Just as solar energy could free some households from paying electric bills, this promising new energy source could have a similar effect. .

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