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What is a solar iPod charger, solar powered iPod charger, iPod solar charger? What do you need to know before buying one? Here are facts and 9 pros and cons when considering one of these solar chargers.

What is a solar powered ipod charger?

When buying a solar powered iPod charger, you will have some questions and want to consider some details in order to make a good choice. Read this and then make your choice.

On this page:
  • iPod Solar Chagers are small, low-voltage output kits designed for charging iPods.

  • iPod Solar Chagers can also be used in charging cell phones, in particular the Apple iPhone.

  • These iPod Solar Chagers are available in some very stylish designs.

  • The size is very convenient - a solar powered ipod charger is small enough to carry in your purse or pocket. It is about the size of a cellular telephone.
Conclusion - Solar powered iPod chargers are  ideal for travels and vacations.

Never again will you run around with a dead iPod looking for an active electricity outlet to charge it!

Solar iPod Charger - Pros and Cons

Solar Car Battery Charger


  • Size - Everything is included in a small size. The solar iPod charger includes small, high-powered solar panels that charge an internal battery.

  • Multi Use - As seen in the photo, the best iPod solar chargers have a multi voltage switch that allows charging power hungry high voltage devices like MP3 players, SLR camera batteries portable DVD players and iPods.

  • Good Battery Capacity - Once the multi-use iPod solar charger battery is fully charged, it is capable of delivering sufficient power to charge a mobile phone to up to 70 hours standby time, over 5000 page turns on an e-book or fully charge a digital camera battery.

  • By using a solar iPod charger, you not only save yourself a lot of hasstles but also do the ecology a big favor. Go green, go solar!


  • It may require between 7 to 9 hours to fully charge your iPod depending on the weather conditions.
  • In very cloudy are dark conditions, it will not charge.

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