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Solar Power For Homes Intro:

Solar power for homes - The mental image of a solar home used to bring to mind an hermit-type cabin isolated from the rest of the world. Well, that picture (although there's nothing wrong with it!) is now changing.

In many places in the world, solar energy is being used in cities or suburbs for heating water as well as for electrical needs.

Solar cabinNow, the mental image can bring to mind subdivisions, each home with it solar array. Not only is home solar energy popular only for certain specialized purposes, such as heating the swimming pool, but is also being used extensively to add to or replace traditional electrical sources. 

As energy prices increase dramatically and awareness of the limited amount of fossil fuel increases, many people have turned to solar energy for home to meet all or part of their heating and electrical needs.

Solar houses In fact, in many areas it is not only possible to hook your home solar energy production of electricity into local energy company's grid, you can actually sell your unused solar power back to the company.

Solar energy for home is an excellent start on the road to energy freedom and conservation. Not only that, but it is also readily available and can be easily used in most homes.

Here are some good reasons to seriously consider including solar energy for homes in your own green home construction plans:
  • In a natural disaster, you are not dependent on the local energy grid. Without lights, computer, etcetera? Not you!
  • It is environmentally friendly.

Residential Solar Power - New Technology and Products

Solar power for homes is becoming less expensive and more efficient now and getting cheaper all the time.

Just think of how prices on computers and related items have dropped in just the last 5 years. By the same token, there are continuing advancements in technology infield of residential solar power.

That makes sense, since the rising prices of energy are making solar power so much more logical and profitable.

Not only is the technology  improving as far as efficiency of the solar panels and conversion of solar energy is concerned, but greater demand results in greater production at lower cost and better prices for the consumer - you!

As technology improves and advancements are made in regard to home solar energy, we will post those latest updates here on the Solar Energy Blog.

You can be sure that as new (and cheaper) and more efficient production makes more home solar energy products available at a lower cost, us folks at Solar-Energy-Pros will be posting that good news as soon as it appears.

That means you should check into our blog regularly to see what is happening in the home solar energy field.

Changing Costs

Residential solar power for your family is not as expensive as you might think and it is becoming cheaper. 

Note that 15 states subsidize solar power for home use and, 24 states as well as the Federal Government offer rebates. For example, New Jersey and New York can rebate up to 70% of installation costs.

The purpose of these rebates is to encourage folks to install residential solar energy and sell power back to the local energy grid.

The popularity of residential solar power is growing and costs are dropping.

Constant Improvements

  • New solar panel arrays are less visible, blend in with architecture.
  • A smaller amount of space is needed for your solar panel or array.
  • Extremely effective technology results in lower energy conversion costs.
  • Once being only for off-the-grid energy production, now many solar power for homes systems are hooked up to the local energy company and actually some sell power back.


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