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Jobs in solar field? 
I am between jobs and was looking for some way to get trained in new technology like solar. But I'm not sure where to look. I live in California …

Permit needed to install solar panels? 
do you need a permit to install solar panels? I want to do it my self but don't know anything about permits or whatever. My house is in the suburbs …

Fuel cost $1,000 per day per soldier, what is your opinion? 
A news article stated, "A study by the international accounting firm Deloitte puts the cost of fuel for the additional troops at nearly $1,000 …

How Does Solar Power Work? 
I am writing a school report on how does solar power work and I am having a hard time understanding it. Can anyone give me an easy description?

Why is Solar Energy Important? 
by David Hawgood Why is Solar Energy Important? Cost and Savings First of all, much of the electricity the world is using today comes from …

Cost Efficiency of a Solar Array 
Is there an easy way to figure out whether a solar array would be cost effective, or not? Would it work for any climate, or would it only work in certain …

Solar Panels for the traveler? 
I spend time away in my camper van and prefer not to have to join the masses on a site with power hook-up etc. The UK isn't renowned for long sunny …

Tiles or Solar Panels? 
Hi, I am curious if solar panels are fitted in place of roof tiles? When I see solar panels on house roofs, some seem to stick out of roofs and some …

Are Solar Panels Cost Efficient?  
When we bought our house (about 3 years ago) it was prepared to be fairly self sufficient. The previous owners had anticipated doom with the coming …

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