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Solar Rope Lights

Solar powered rope lights are LED lights in a very durable and flexible tube. The energy from the sun is captured during the day, stored, and automically lights these attractive strings or ropes of lights at night.

What Are Solar Rope Lights?

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You've probably noticed rope lights along the aisles of darkened movie theaters or in a passenger jet when the lights are turned down. They work great to outline paths but that is only one of their many uses.

Benefits of Solar Rope Lights

The attraction is that you can string them just about anyway you want, as long as the solar panel is in a good location to get the most sunlight. Since they are lights within a flexible plastic tube, they can be twisted and wrapped around trees or handrails...or even used to shape letters or numbers.

These lights will store the sun's energy during the day and use it to light up the rope lights at night..

There are several names generally used for these solar-powered lights:
  • Rope lights
  • Solar Tube lights
  • Solar String lights

Solar Rope Lights details:


  • Ideal for lining walkways, windows, trees, gazebos, stairs, and more
  • Stay illuminated for 10-16 hours
  • Light-sensor automatically turns lights on/off
  • Dimensions: Usually between 30 to 50 feet and can be strung together.
Solar rope or solar string lights are ideal for lining walkways, windows, trees, gazebos, architectural details, stairs, deck railings and any other outdoor object you can imagine. Using the sun's power captured and stored during the day, the LED tube lights are an excellent way to cut down on energy bills and reduce negative impact on the environent.

Solar rope lights installation is neat and easy and the lighting is extremely reliable and efficient:

There are no wires to cut and splice, no fire risks, and no nearby outlets are needed.

Depending on your location and the amount of sun that day, solar LED lights used in these ropes can produce light for 10-16 hours

No need to remind yourself to turn them on or off, they have a built-in sensor that does that automatically.

LED lights produce and extremely-bright white light often used in modern "neon" signs.

Since LED lights are rated at a useful of from 35,000 to 100,000 hours, they are very very longlasting and dependable.

solar rope lightsUsually you will find:
  • 40-50 feet of rope (plastic tube) lighting, clear
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to install
  • Clear flexible PVC tubing with white lights
These lights are not limited to outdoors as long as you place the small solar panel where it will receive sunlight during the day. 

There are a number of reliable companies with a range of prices and designs to choose from.

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