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Solar tube skylights are sun powered devices which gather daylight and send it inside the room where they're mounted. Unlike conventional lights, these solar tubes also keep UV rays away from your house.

Solar skylights are easier to install than regular lights and bulbs, as they require no changes for your home's frame. The prices for the installation process are usually a little higher than the costs involved by regular bulbs and lightening systems.

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You can mount the tube by yourself, but this is not recommended unless you're really good at sawing on roofs and ceilings! However, a higher installation price is not necessary a disadvantage of these devices - if you see them as a long term investment, they surely are worth it!

Tubular skylights can save some money on your electricity bills as you will no longer need to use regular lights during the day. You can also opt for models that have electrical lights included for night use.

Although their form is usually pretty similar, solar tube skylights come in different sizes and lengths and contrary to general belief, the shorter tubes are the better ones!

An important aspect to know before purchasing these devices is that the diameter and length of the tube are the ones that determine the cost of the illumination system. Also, the prices can depend on the manufacturer and the brand's popularity, so before buying a solar skylight a little online research can be helpful in order to find the best deal. Reading some review is also recommended, as buyers usually point out the pluses and the minuses of the purchased devices.

Now let's see how are these solar tube skylights made and how do they work.

Working of Solar Skylights

The basic structure is a metallic frame in which there are several acrylic square or round lens, placed in different positions, depending on the producer. Some of these tubes also have sun scoops made of reflective materials which allow the sunlight to be precisely directed into the tube.

Once the run rays reach the tube, they're lead into a diffuser lens which is installed in the interior of your room, usually right on the ceiling. There are lots of solar tube skylights that also have baffles for controlling the amount of sun that comes through the tube inside the room.

Benefits of tubular skylights

So why are these devices so great? Mainly because they are able to absorb daylight even when outside is raining or snowing and this is really a big advantage! Regardless of the weather conditions, you can have enough light for your residential or commercial buildings with no supplementary electricity costs!

Solar tube skylights allow you to add a more natural and warm look to your living place and to bring more comfort inside your room. However, if you plan to install these devices in bigger rooms, you might need more than one tube.

Regular sized solar skylights are usually designed for smaller rooms, such as closets or baths. But then again, this is not necessary a disadvantage, as multiple skylights offer more personality, accent and illumination to your house!

Unlike regular skylights, solar tube skylights don't require the Sun to be in a specific position and although they are usually mounted in areas where there's plenty of sunlight everyday, they work perfectly in less sunny regions as well. Besides, they can be mounted on deep roofs, where space is limited and standard skylights are harder to install.

Another great aspect about tubular skylights is that these systems transfer the entire amount of light that enters through the collector. The protective filter that keeps UV rays away doesn't affect the light's color, so you'll be able to see your room in its natural colors the entire day!

Tubular skylights are easy to maintain, they fit perfectly into small spaces without requiring special frames and they're also longer lasting than regular bulbs or skylights.

You can choose from three standard sizes - small solar skylights (10"), medium (14") or full size tubes (21"). More complex systems also include ventilation kits and daylight dimmers for wash rooms, and these are also powered by sunlight so you don't have to worry about supplementary electricity costs!

Top 3 Recommended solar tube skylights

ODL EZ10SCANH 10 In. Tubular Skylight with Asphalt Flashing

These solar devices are made of reflective tubes that reflect up to 95% of the captured sunlight. They work perfectly during sunny and rainy days and are really easy to install. The tubes bring in a vast amount of light and they have leak-proof flashings.

ODL solar tubes provide enough light even after dusk, so you can mount them in rooms already wired for lighting in order to save some money on your electricity bills!

Sun-Tek Skylights STT10 Tubular Skylight

Perfect for pitched roof applications, these solar tubes are the best choice for people looking for economical ways to bring light into their homes! By purchasing these skylights not only you'll be able to reduce your electricity costs but you'll also see your rooms covered by a natural and warm light during daytime as well as in the afternoon. Made of laminated aluminum, these solar tube skylights reflect more sunlight than standard tubes and they come in two different sizes (10'' or 14'' diameter).

Velux TMR-0000-014 Acrylic Dome TMR 14" Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylight with Pitched Flashing

These rigid solar tubes are perfect for ceilings and roofs that require longer tunnel lengths. Very durable and resistant, the skylights are able to deliver enough light for regular rooms; they require no electricity and don't emit the normal heat that electrical light sources do. These tubular skylights provide pure, bright light whether they're mounted in places exposed directly to the Sun or in more shady areas. The package contains a preassembled ceiling ring to make the installation process easier.

Being given all the advantages that solar tube skylights offer, we truly recommend these alternative sources of light to anyone looking for easy methods of reducing the electricity bills and making the most of the free energy sources available out there!

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