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Solar Water Fountains and Solar Bird Bath Fountains

With the popularity of solar energy and its application to practical purposes,
such a solar powered water fountains, folks are producing many solar-powered products that run on their own solar panels without needing to tie into an entire solar setup.

Included now are products for lawn and garden, from patio tables with sun umbrellas that provide soft lighting when the sun goes down to solar water fountains and solar bird bath fountains.

Solar Water Fountain
Fountains of any kind are a beautiful addition to your patio or garden, and the soft bubbling sound is found to be very soothing and relaxing to.

Birds love the sound and are attracted to the fountains or solar powered bird baths.

Although some products are marketed as bird baths with the traditional bird bath look, a solar powered water fountain also can serve as a bird bath.

What are the benefits of a solar water fountain?

As the name indicates, a solar powered water fountain uses the suns natural energy to run a pump so the water circulates without ever needing to be plugged in.

You avoid having to run underground wiring and/or plumbing to the fountain.

Where is the solar panel and pump?

Some solar powered water fountains have the solar panel installed in the fountain itself, which is nice if your fountain is in direct sunlight all day.

If not, other solar powered water fountains are connected by a short power cord to a small panel that can be placed in a location that receives the most direct sunlight.

What choices are there?

Basically, you can get a solar powered bird bath that has the traditional look of a birdbath fountain.

There are many styles of solar powered water fountains to choose from and they make attractive additions to any garden or patio.

Options include fountains that recycle the water and fountains that float on top of a pool. Again, not having wires is a big plus with this type of solar fountain.

Are there any drawbacks to a solar powered water fountain over a traditional fountain?

Because most solar powered water fountains do not store energy, i.e., they don't have a battery to store the electricity from the panel, they will only work when there is bright outdoor light. They won't run at night and on cloudy days.

On the other hand, you're usually not outside on those days, anyway.

Also, there are solar powered water fountains available that do have a battery backup, so look for one of those if cloudy days are a concern where you live. The solar powered water fountains with backup battery will run for several hours when the weather is not favorable.

What maintenance is required for solar water fountains?

  • A solar powered water fountain needs the same maintenance you would give your normal fountain or birdbath:
  • Follow the owner's manual for your specific solar fountain.
  • Always be sure that there is water in the fountain.
  • Clean it regularly to prevent mold and algae buildup.
  • Water purification and algae prevention additives can be bought when you purchase your solar water fountain or birdbath.
  • If you live in a cold-weather area, it might be advisable to store the fountain in the winter.

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