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Solar powered living outdoors may include hanging lights powered by sunrays, solar deck or pathways lights, garden rocks or bricks charged by sun and able to illuminate and glow in the dark, string and pool lights as well as other similar devices for outdoor illumination.

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Also, by solar powered outdoor living we may refer to water filters or pumps working on sunlight and used for purifying the water within swimming basins or spa pools or for recirculating the water in these relaxing basins.

At the same time, solar systems used outdoor include water heaters and small sun powered furnaces, cookers and barbecues. Even electric fences used for protecting animals and crops may be charged directly by sunlight, so the applications of solar technologies in outdoor living are extremely different!

Solar Powered Lights for Outdoor and Landscape Decoration

If you have a fence or a deck and you want to highlight it, hanging outdoor solar lights can be a great way to do it. These can also be placed against walls, as long as they have a good sun exposure during the daytime.

Some of these hanging solar powered for outdoor living lights have built-in motion sensors that turn them on automatically when someone passes near the devices or after dusk.

By mounting this type of lights along your driveway or deck you can forget about electricity bills, as they are completely charged by sunlight and require no wires or regular power outlets.

Hanging lights for outdoor use will add a romantic look to your front yard or garden, a soft tone to your house's walls and a note of uniqueness to your entire residence. These items can be found in various sizes and models, from candle pillar lamps to solar powered butterflies for hanging above the door or above windows for example.

Another lighting alternative for solar powered outdoor living areas is represented by bricks and garden rocks charged by sunlight. These items look just like regular bricks or rocks only that they have a built-in technology based on photovoltaic cells.

These cells inside the bricks or rocks capture the solar rays and turn them into small amounts of energy, which is stored into batteries with limited storage capacity. But although these batteries can't store very much energy, they are able to shine and spread a diffuse light during nighttime because all the stored electricity is used only after dusk.

During daytime, these items are used only as decorative pieces, and can be placed near trees, fountains, bird ponds, swimming basins or anywhere else inside the garden. Some of these devices offer you the possibility of choosing the color of the light therefore you can opt for green lights if you intend to place them around your flower garden or for blue lights if you want these solar bricks to be mounted near the swimming pool.

The advantage of these garden rocks and bricks is that they are less costly compared to regular ones, are weatherproof and require no maintenance. Also, they're easy to install so you won't need to call for a professional to assist you in the mounting process.

If you decide installing this type of devices, you'll see solar powered outdoor living can be fun and extremely advantageous in the long run. These bricks and rocks charged by sun rays will provide all the needed light during nighttime without extra costs on the electricity bills!

Besides the already mentioned devices and equipments, solar powered outdoor living options include stake lights, which are not only useful but also very funny due to their different shapes and models.

Some of these typical outdoor lights include brass, stainless steel or cooper which makes them more resistant and reliable, but doesn't affect the shape. There are stake lights shaped like flowers, dwarfs, snowflakes and many other similar models, which will surely turn your garden or backyard into a more original one!

The colors of the items and of the light provided may vary, thus making these illumination tools suitable for any decor and taste. The stakes are great for lining driveways or illuminate a path or a small flower garden.

These tools provide a warm and romantic light, a colorful glow and an inviting shade. They're really a great choice for those looking for a less classical way of exploring solar powered outdoor living alternatives.

Specially designed pool lights should also be mentioned. These are usually shaped like bricks or floating items, such as large flowers or globes, able to provide a multi colored, particular glow.

Most of these pool lights have built-in LEDs which are charged by sunlight and add a stunning visual effect to the swimming basin during nighttime. The light provided is rather diffuse and a little cold, but for warming up the appearance of the swimming pool you can opt for reddish or yellow LEDs.

Another item that should be listed in the category of devices for solar powered outdoor living is the solar deck light. As the name suggests it, this tool is usually destined to illuminate a certain point, corner or small area, but there are some models which can cover larger areas such as a seating or dinning place.

These deck lights come in various shapes and sizes, depending on their destination - corner lights have a specific form that allows them to face the sun and charge during daytime, while the spot lights can be shaped like dragonflies, stars, butterflies and other similar models.

Solar powered outdoor living will surely get a new meaning with these deck lights placed around the dining area, providing warm shades the entire night. Most models have motion sensors that activate when someone enters the lit area so they can also act like safety lights for your small garden.

These are only some of the items used for solar powered outdoor living applications. Stepping stones charged by sunrays, string lights as well as decorative lighting devices for pathways are other original alternatives when it comes to landscape lighting.

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