Why is Solar Energy Important?

by David and Lin Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru)

TQ2081 : Solar water heating and roof windows, North Acton by David Hawgoodby David Hawgood

Why is Solar Energy Important? Cost and Savings

First of all, much of the electricity the world is using today comes from fossil fuels like coal or oil. But the coal and oil are running out. That is driving prices higher and higher. On the other hand, solar energy will never run out and using that source is becoming cheaper and cheaper.

Why is Solar Energy Important? Ecology

The extraction (mining, oil wells) of fossil fuels causes a lot of irreparable damage to the natural cycles here on earth. The ecology of oceans and soils runs on a fine balance, and these types of fuels cause an upset in that balance, affecting many other forms of life on the planet. The oil spills alone point this out in a dramatic way.

Those are two of the reasons that more and more people, governments, and even power utility companies are making the switch to solar energy and solar power to produce electricity.

Other forms of solar energy use that may be important are heating and cooking, especially where traditional fuels are in short supply.

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